Kakariko Village
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Author: Sogun

Date: March 2nd, 2012

Category: PD Multi Levels

Sogun Studio proudly presents, in collaboration with N64 Vault, a series of ports of the Kakariko Village map from 'The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time' to 'Perfect Dark', in order to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the franchise.

This was made for GoldenEye before, so check this if you missed it -> http://n64vault.com/ge-multi-levels:nintendo-classic-maps

The Perfect Dark versions of the map feature some visual upgrades (corrected textures, optimized geometry, moving windmill blades) and improved game play (all PD scenarios and simulants).

Because the level was too much for the original hardware to handle it, different versions of the map where created.
-Abandoned -> the lightest version of the map looking for the best performance. Try this if you want to play against a lot of sims.
-Playground -> some objects have been added inside the houses for cover. 4 Human players can play this one without too much lag.
-Noche cerrada -> The inhabitants of Kakariko close their homes in this dark night. Now the insides are protected with doors and windows to add more strategy.
-Stormy -> The full version of the map, only intended to be played 1vs1 against another human or one or two sims. Pots, boxes, signs and bushes are back… with rain, thunder and lighting!
-Bizarre -> This is a mix of some weird things that happened while doing the map. Broken textures, broken items and broken sky. It lags often, but I hope you like it as much as I do!


/Projects -> Here are the files from the different levels in order to see the map in the GoldenEye Setup Editor. This way you can easily edit the setup if you don't like the default.

/Sky Settings -> Some captures of the different sky settings just in case you want to use them for your own maps.

PD_Kakariko.xdelta -> this is the patch that needs to be injected in the ROM. You must patch the ROM using the GoldenEye Setup Editor.


-You will need the 'PD_Kakariko.xdelta' patch and an unflipped 32MB ROM of 'Perfect Dark', version must be NTSC 1.1. A *.v64 ROM should work.
-Open the GoldenEye Setup Editor.
-Go to 'Tools', then 'Switch Editor Game (GE/PD)'
-Go to 'Tools' and then to 'Xdelta Patching'
-Select 'Apply PD xdelta Patch'
-Select the original 'Perfect Dark (1.1)' ROM
-Select 'PD_Kakariko.xdelta'
-Save the new file 'perfect_dark.rom'. You can rename the file after creating it, but you must keep the .rom extension.


If you are using Project 64, you need to change some settings in order to make the ROM work smoothly.

-Load the ROM and then, in the emulator menu, go to 'Options' and 'Settings'.
-Select 'Rom settings'. Change to the following for Perfect Dark:
CPU Core Style: Recompiler
Self Modifying-Core Type: Protect Memory and Cache
Memory Size: 8 MB
Advanced Block Linking: Off
Default Save type: 16kbit Eeprom
Counter Factor: 2
Check marks by: Large Compile Buffer, Register Caching, Use TLB.

Make sure Audio Plugin is in sync with game.


Stolen has compiled a modded 1964 based emulator (based on Pistolgrip's and Ultrasfast mods) that can force GoldenEye and Perfect Dark to run at constant 60 fps.(Perfect Dark can be limited to 30 fps sometimes). You can play Stormy with 8 sims at almost full speed!

Download it from here -> http://www.shootersforever.com/forums_message_boards/viewtopic.php?t=5373

Rom settings should be like this (go to Edit -> ROM Settings):
Expansion Pak: Yes EEPROM Size: 16Kb EEPROM
Game Save Type: All Used Types (default) Counter Factor: CF=1
Use TLB: Yes (default) Max VI Limit: Auto Sync (default)

CPU Emulator: Dyna-Compiler (default) Register Caching: Yes (default)
DMA in Segments: Yes (default) FPU Hack: Yes (default)
Self-Modifying Code: Protect Memory (default) Link Code Blocks: Yes (default)
Assume 32bit: No (default) Advanced Analysis: Yes (default)


To SubDrag, Wreck and Zoinkity for the GoldenEye Setup Editor. Without such amazing tool this patch wouldn't been possible.

To radorn, SubDrag and Wreck for their guidance during the creation of the patch, for adding new cool features to the editor and creating special objects for the level.

Very Special Thanks to Wreck for adding rain in the level and making windmill blades move.
Very Special Thanks to SubDrag for his immeasurable help during all this time.

To N64 Vault and Shooters Forever forums for gathering such and amazing community around GoldenEye and Perfect Dark.


- the patch creator's blog. It's mostly in Spanish but some articles are translated into English.

- find tools, hacks and tutorials for GoldenEye and Perfect Dark here.

-Here's where the community gathers. Post your thoughts about the N64 classics, look for help for your hacks or announce them here.

Enjoy the game!


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