dataDyne Facility - Stealth v1.1
dataDyne Facility
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Author: Jonaeru

Date: September 22nd, 2013

Category: PD Levels

Level: dataDyne Facility - Stealth
Modified Level: dataDyne Research - Investigation
Author: Jonaeru

Date: September 21st, 2013
Edited: March 15th, 2023 (by Jonaeru)

This is my first custom PD level. You can also play Co-Operative and Counter-Operative.

Edit notes v1.1:
== March 15th, 2023 ==

  • Supported Japanese version
  • Added intro cinema
  • Added lights
  • Added laser grid sound
  • Changed start weapon from Falcon 2 to Falcon 2 (silencer)
  • Fixed messages on not active terminals
  • Fixed reaction distance in the weapons depot guard

(1)Thanks SubDrag, Wreck, and Zoinkity for making Perfect Editor.
(2)Thanks Wreck for advice and rewriting briefing for the mission.
(3)Thanks SubDrag for advice and making Warp Block sample.
(4)Thanks Zoinkity for making PD text tools.
(5)Thank you for playing!


Background -
During the raid on the Institute, a prototype weapon Foster was working on was stolen.
It's believed that it was later sold to dataDyne by a Skedar fanatic, shortly after the fall of the Skedar home world.

Carrington -
One of our operatives posing as a graduate student looking for an internship with dataDyne was able to confirm to us that Foster's prototype submachine gun is indeed being studied at dataDyne's research and development facility.
I can't stress to you enough just how vital it is that this technology be recovered.
If dataDyne is able to replicate this weapon and put it on the arms market, there's no telling what affect it will have on the ever-growing terrorism rate.

Objective One: - Destroy Automatic Guns
Our undercover operative also informed us that there are five automated defense turrets setup around the lab area.
You won't be able to get very far while they're still operational. Find them, and disable them… before they do the same to you.

Objective Two: - Retrieve Experimental Weapon
You're already familiar with Foster's most recent experiment; a submachine gun with a built-in cloaking device called the "RC-P120".
It turns out that when you were captured, one of the Skedar fanatics managed to get his hands on it.
Now that dataDyne has it in their possession, it's only a matter of time before they start mass-producing their own version.
We can't allow that to happen, Agent Dark.

Objective Three: - Obtain Bathroom Key Card
In order to leave the facility, you'll need to gain access to the upstairs bathroom.
There is likely to be a key card somewhere in the building.
Odds are that it will be guarded well, so use caution when investigating previously unexplored rooms.

Objective Four: - Reactivate Teleportal
If your presence has been detected, the teleportal used to transport employees between the facility and surface will likely have been disabled.
The power to the teleportation device should be managed by a local control console.
Be careful attempting to access random terminals, though.
They may have security software installed to deter outsiders from tampering with their systems.

Objective Five: - Exit Facility
You'll be able to make your escape from the facility through the use of a teleportal located in the ventilation ducts.
There should be a way to access them from inside the bathroom area.
You may need a boost to reach the overhead duct, however.
Try standing ontop of a toilet, if it's all you have at your disposal.
Please just watch your footing, Joanna.
I'd hate for you to soil your shoes.



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