Area 51: Secret Agent
Area 51
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Author: Acceptable67

Date: June 17, 2013

Category: PD Levels


You're playing as Special Agent Jonathan Steinberg. Your job is clear the path for Joanna to come in and revive an Alien. We can not let the enemy get their hands on more of the maians bodies or technology to perform experiments. You must Destroy a Maian Experimental Coffin which contains a body of one of the dead maians, as well as a maian that is being operated on in the autopsy room. Before you do that though you must retrieve the explosives so that Joanna can blow the hole in the wall to enter the base. You must grab your disguise in the locker room near the showers so the guards will not recognize you (This actually works). Last but not least, damage or destroy the Maian UFO so the guards can not steal the technology which lies inside of it.


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