First Aid Satchel
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Author: Wreck

Date: June 21st, 2021

Category: GE Model Templates

Type: Prop

GoldenEye has always been known for having body armour, whereas the majority of FPS games have health packs. With the "Footsteps" patch, you can modify your health on the fly. These first aid kits are based off of a Soviet military satchel, and fit in well with the world of 007. There are two versions available to select from. One (a) features a green cross against a square white background, while the other (b) is a more subdued grey cross stitched directly onto the canvas material. By combining either of these with one of the provided action blocks, you can easily add health items to your custom missions.

Open up your ROM in the Model Editor menu, select "Object" type from the list, and choose the prop model in which you want to replace. After clicking "Edit", click on the "Import Model Template" button on the upper left of the menu. From this window, choose the model template file. Should another window then pop up asking you to choose a ROM to save as (since new textures may be added), either select an existing one, or else type in a new name, then save. Once the model has finished importing, simply click "Inject into ROM and Update" to save your ROM again. If you do not inject the file into ROM, it will not be saved into it. This will replace the original GE object with the new one, and it will be ready to use in your custom setups.

How to use…
Included in the zip are three action blocks. Each of them work in the same manner, but will heal the player by different amounts. One is for a modest 25% heal, another at a generous 50%, and the third will outright replenish full health. You can edit these by whatever amount you like, however. You'll need one action block per health item, and the items will have to be 16-tagged. The blocks must be a 10XX type, and not 04XX. Be sure to update every instance of 16-object checks in the block to match your item tag ID. There should be seven of them total. I've added a sound effect on pick up, but you can change or remove it entirely. You may also want to include a 25 Rename on it, so it doesn't say "Picked up something." whenever you've grabbed one.

As for the object itself, you should make it as a 03 Standard Object type. I would recommend setting the following flags on it…

01200001 00040000

This will allow it to bounce around when shot, but be destructible. Should you break it, you will no longer be able to pick it up (as set in the action block). This also doesn't set collisions, so you won't bump into any that are on the floor. Nothing will appear inside your watch inventory, either.

*Note: You MUST have a Footsteps modified GE ROM, which supports the 2B action with FD and FE commands (to copy and alter RAM data)! The action blocks will not work without those changes.

Special thanks to Carnivorous.


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