GE Netplay LTK Cup Edition
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Date: May 5th, 2024

Category: GE Miscellaneous

Expansion Pak: Yes

This is the mod that was used in the LTK Cup Tournament IV organized by TH126, which started in January 2024 and ended in March. AXDOOMER created the mod used in this tournament.

Expansion Pak is required.

The file "pj64_rdb_data.txt" contains the required extra lines to configure Project64 to recognize this modded ROM and use emulator settings that avoid lag is provided. This is for the 60 FPS version (the one actually used in the tournament). Players would increase their overclock setting to 2048 so the game would run at a constant 60 FPS. Add this data to the "Project64.rdb" file before play.

The other patch that hasn't "60FPS" in its filename is for console play or emulators without an overclock.

Gameplay changes:

- Players start armed in multiplayer
- Multiplayer spawns are random

- LOD models have been disabled

- All levels unlocked for multiplayer
- All characters unlocked by default, players can use the same one

- Add four weapon sets (Snipers, Magnums, Automatics, Shotguns)
- Three players allowed on Egyptian
- Gun shots don't spawn smoke, this fixes a bug with explosives not detonating


- Independently selectable look up and down controller setting for each player in the Control Style screen
- Most settings that would be derived from Player 1's save file are hardcoded to defaults to avoid Netplay desyncs


- The "Dr. No" cheat that removes bullet armor from maps was added
- Tiny Bond cheat fixed and made available in multiplayer
- Bond Invisible cheat works in multiplayer


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