Storage Factory v1.1
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Author: Slimwe

Date: September 10, 2019

Category: GE-Levels

Level: Bunker 2


Level: Storage Factory
Author: slimwe
Date: September 10th, 2019
Edited: February 1st, 2020 (by Wreck)
Replaces: Bunker 2
Description: My second Goldeneye level.
Mission Objectives
a. Disable all security equipment
b. Destroy data mainframes
c. Delete virus from computer
d. Obtain blueprints
e. Contact helicopter pilot
f. Initiate detonation of factory

There are security cameras around the factory and try not to destroy the gas bins, you don't want to get kill in there.
And also watch out for the guards outside of the bunker as you escape in the helicopter.

Good luck and have fun playing it.

Edit notes v1.1…
Removed collisions from keycard, which crashed console when dropped.
Replaced all jeeps, as previous ones were crashing console.
Included fail check if destroy self-destruct console before using.
Added a fifteen second remaining warning for detonation.
Destroying monitor or keyboard fails virus delete objective.
Changed screen animations for network computer.
Now player can use either of the two radios.
Shifted start point slightly left.
Decreased size of metal crates a bit.
Deleted duplicate collection entry from blueprint objective.
Fixed blueprints rename in watch.
Edited bitflags on new / custom doors.
Removed door sound from paired door.
Modified helipad exit hallway doors.
Fixed action block so exit hallway doors open whenever activate screen.
Made locked doors all use one-way locks.
Made exit hallway activation screen objects invincible.
Fixed Bunker 1 name in folders.
Swapped M and Q Branch lines around.
Removed extra asterisk from Magnum name (caused issue in inventory).
Corrected spelling of "security" in background briefing.
Corrected spelling of "initiate" in objective text.
Fixed up Q's mention of grenades.


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