Siberia: Stealth
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Author: The Destroyer

Date: November 3, 2020

Category: GE Solo Levels

Level: Surface 2


This is my second level. It's a stealth level. When you are caught, music starts playing indicating that you have a few seconds to hide behind cover and avoid detection. If you truly do get caught, I'm afraid it's mission failed

Can you beat the level without knocking out any guards?

The Pirate helicopter was tracked to Severnaya, where a Keyhole-1 ELINT satellite recorded a brief firefight.
After the Pirate left, the same satellite observed a troop helicopter being made ready at a Spetznaz camp, 200 miles due south.
The only way that we can get you there quickly is to drop you from a spy plane, and the Soviet Special Forces will be there before you.

You should remember this place, 007. We need any evidence of Janus' presence there, and fast. Steal the red dossier and the staff list, no doubt they are both well guarded. Also plant 2 bugs on the mainframes inside the tech cabin and up near the dish.

Right, We have a spy inside who holds an important key. He tells us that he has hidden 2 bugs in the area. There is also a remote mine which can be used to destroy a mainframe outside the tech cabin and distract the guards inside. This is a covert op, so do not kill anyone. Satisfied? No? Well, tough;

Remember the saying, James? 'Never go back'?

Objectives don't change in the watch for some reason.
You can use the remote mine to kill enemies, but I really don't care and it can make a section too hard for you easier.

I might update it in the future when I learn about custom sounds, but I think it's fine for now.

Thanks to the N64 vault discord for help, and TiJayfly, Nico-00, and Retro King for testing


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