MI6 Interlude
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Author: ZKA w/ Wreck

Date: August 14th, 2023

Category: GE Solo Levels

Expansion Pak: Yes

Welcome to London! In this level, you're taking a deep look into what's going on inside of MI6 Headquarters. Receive M's briefing, visit Q Branch, flirt with Moneypenny, and more. After the success of Operation 40 in Puerto Rico, 007 must now determine what to do next. Who is the mastermind behind Zutov Industries, now that General Zutov is dead? Just who controls everything behind the scenes?

Mission objectives:

a) Check in at reception desk
More will be added as you progress (check your watch if you are uncertain what is next).

Special thanks to…

Wreck: Setup overhaul, BG optimizations, stan colouring, text editing / some rewrites, additional ideas, M head cleanup, and some models from N64 Vault.

HackBond, 00Action & Nico-00: Testing and feedback.

Zoinkity: The Expansion Pak patch.

Carnivorous: Various "Footsteps" modifications.

SubDrag: The creation of the GE/PD Setup Editor.

Thanks for playing!

~ James Bond will return… ~


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