Manufactory v1.2
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Author: Zka

Date: November 4th, 2018

Category: GE Solo Levels

Level: Manufactory

Expansion Pak: Yes

Date: November 4th, 2018
Edited: May 10th, 2020 (by Wreck)


Here's my newest custom geometry GE level, replacing Archives.

Primary objectives:

a) Locate secret office
b) Find audio tape
c) Disrupt all surveillance equipment
d) Retrieve data from console
e) Obtain remote mines
f) Destroy gas tanks

(Yes, I know that the glass doors where the remote mines are at are weird but
couldn't do much about it.)

Special thanks to:

Carnivorous & Zoinkity
For the Footsteps patch and expansion patch.

Wreck & Rare
For the dataDyne couch, spike plant,
wooden door with metal strip,
and fire extinguisher props.

Crashoveride & Rare
For the CMP150 Gun Model template.

Crashoveride & Eurocom
For the P2K Gun Model template.

Crashoveride & Valve
For the CV-47 Gun Model template.

Johnny Thunder
For the DY357 PD Gun Model template.

For the greyscale images.

Helping & Testing

Clipping, & Testing


EntropicDecay Gaming
For the amazing YouTube vid's!

~ Zka

Edit notes v1.2…
Updated outro related action blocks, crashed console.
Disabled clouds from sky.

Edit notes v1.1…
Deleted leftover object at bad pad, crashed console.
Moved bad pad to a valid position.
Changed enter main area into locate secret office.
Cut out escape the facility objective.
Replaced outro scene action blocks.
Added level fadeout even if not finished objectives.
Corrected alignment of portals with geometry.
Modified keycard bitflags and sizing.
Removed upper line renames from watch.
Deleted unused rename entry.
Changed all glassware to be 2A Glass type.
Removed collisions from glassware.
Increased size of glass cups.
Fixed glass cup to be on wooden table.
Lowered health on all glassware.
Changed officer cap on table size and bitflags.
Updated books on table.
Changed mine pickup models to remote mines.
Repositioned mines on table.
Edited bitflags on mines and CMP on table.
Removed collisions from audio tape.
Shrank desk lamps, removed in air flag from one.
Decreased size of metal crates a bit.
Allowed shoot through of mesh gates.
Made plants indestructible.
Replaced containment door model with fixed version.
Removed force collisions and fall to ground from doors.
Linked a missing paired door.
Adjusted door thickness and alignments.
Removed sound from second of each paired door.
Made glass mine doors always swing outward.
Converted fake glass doors to 03 standard type.
Made locked doors use one-way locks.
Certain doors now use move past frame.
Added behind door visible to two paired door sets.
Fixed intro camera level name.
Gave new level name in menu folders.
Cleaned up a bit of the briefing text.
Altered small parts of various other text.
Added a period to each picked up line.
Changed some "a" vs "an" for weapon pickups.
Added missing asterisk to magnum name in watch.
Corrected custom weapon watch name info.
Added a period to each weapon picked up line.
Lowered memory allocations.


File nameFile typeSize
image.pngPNG image data298.59 kBInfo
manufactory[zka].zipZip archive data672.67 kBInfo


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