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Author: Nico00

Date: July 15th, 2022

Category: GE Solo Levels

Expansion Pak: Yes

Well hello, wonderful people!
Here is my first custom geometry level. It isn't much, but like everybody, you have to start somewhere. :)

Also special double thanks to:
Zka and Coockie for the info. I wanted to learn Blender and Sketchup, two tools for creating custom geometry levels, but for years I couldn't get the hang of them. Now I can do it, and it feels too good. :) haha
And these two helped me a lot during those times, so cheers to you guys!

Special thanks to:

Zoinkity & Carnivorous: Expansion Pak support and other features.
Wreck: Level rescale, BG shading, action block assistance, text editing, select photos, and general clean up.

To the wonderful people at the N64 Vault Discord - much love, guys. <3

Thanks for playing, as always!



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