Ingression of Evil
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Author: ZKA w/ Wreck

Date: June 24th, 2024

Category: GE Solo Levels

Expansion Pak: Yes

Rumours were proven factual events as MI6, with assistance of military intelligence, have confirmed that an unknown source has breached a nuclear powerplant. Now deep in the mountains of Hebudi, Georgia, Agent 007 must seek out the answers MI6 requires in order to come to a sensible conclusion.

*Note: While this mission does run on actual N64 hardware, you will encounter some slowdown in certain areas.

Primary objectives:

a) Unmask culprit
b) Disable security network
c) Gain entry to manufactory
d) Minimize scientist casualties

Special thanks to:

Wreck, for various editing, some text rewrites, checkpoint, PD ported props, and polish

Carnivorous, for the Footsteps patch

Zoinkity, for the Expansion Pak patch

CrashOveride & Eurocom, for the P2K gun model and prop

Johnny Thunder, for the drivable motor bike prop

TiJayFLY, for the motorbike engine sound from TND64

SubDrag, for creating the Setup Editor

HackBond & 00Action, for testing & feedback

EntropicDecay Gaming & Graslu00, for creating amazing content in the modding community!

Thanks for playing!


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