Descent Re-imagined
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Author: ZKA (w/ Wreck)

Date: April 19th, 2022

Category: GE Solo Levels

Expansion Pak: Yes

A re-imagined version of Descent; a level that was originally known to be too difficult (more so on console), making for an unfair experience. In this incarnation, I've used my current GE map making skills to create a beyond better version of the original Descent in almost all aspects. Do note that all camera scenes (except for the short lift one) can be skipped by pressing either the Z-trigger or any directional button, so you won't be forced to sit through them each time you play.

This has got to be one of the largest levels in size that I've created so far.

Primary objectives:

a) Access bottom floor
b) Obtain nuclear codes
c) Prevent missile from launching
d) Disarm spare missile
e) Vanquish leader

Some small updates were made very shortly after initial release. The original version can still be played fine, but there were no consequences for not stopping the launch. The objective will now fail, and no further progress is possible.


Wreck, for general setup adjustments, adding the introduction and leader confrontation scenes, editing/rewriting briefings and text, testing on console for compatibility issues and enemy difficulty, and various props ported from Perfect Dark

SubDrag, for creating the Setup Editor

Zoinkity, for creating the Expansion Pak patch

Carnivorous, for creating the Footsteps patch

Johnny Thunder, for the M1987 Trench Gun model template and gun

Thanks for playing, and stay tuned for the continuation of my story line to find out what's happening after Operation 40!



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