Cemetery v1.1
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Author: Rey

Date: August 11, 2012

Category: Solo Levels

Level: Statue


Level: Cemetery
Author: Rey
Date: August 11th, 2012
Edited: February 5th, 2020 (by Wreck)
Replaces: Statue

Now this is a level everyone can have fun with. Partnered up with Baron Samedi and two crazy bosses.
The approach I took for this level, since it wasn't an MI6 mission, I have talking for a briefing. You will see when you play it.

a: Contact the owner
b: Get Samedi's relics back
c: Take photos for MI6
d: Leave the cemetery

Edit notes v1.1…
Removed collisions from dropped items, crashed console.
Gave consistent size to dropped relics.
Made each relic unique prop.
Changed owner relic to now held by St. Petersburg guard.
Samedi now waits by container while talking to owner.
Increased size of dropped cemetery gate key.
Updated photography objective to be three landmarks:
CCCP letters, gold hammer and sickle, Lenin's statue.
Removed collisions and fall to ground from new doors.
Made new cabin door use unbreakable tinted glass.
Cabin door now swings outward.
Adjusted data on cabin window blockers.
Removed paired door sound effect.
Changed Jaws and his guards action types.
Decreased regular guard armour.
Adjusted guard accuracy.
Shortened guard visible trigger distance.
Increased start ammo to 100 rounds.
Added an intro camera.
Replaced first-person transition camera.
Modified outro scene and completion check.
Deleted duplicates in objectives.
Gave proper level name in watch.
Renamed level and location names in menu folder.
Added renames for all pickups.
Cleaned up briefing and other text.


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