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Author: Nico00

Date: May 18th, 2021

Category: GE Solo Levels

Level: Control

Expansion Pak: Yes

Sup, wonderful people? As promised, my next level after Hardhat will begin with a storyline/plot. Welcome to 1995, in a world where MI6 does not exist, and James Bond is now an Ian J. Tasker. Mr. Tasker and the IIU will fight the WMD (a terrorist group). No more plot explanation, just play the level to get into the story more. ^^

Time creating the level: way too long (had to redo the entire thing after it was close to finishing)

Primary Objectives

a. Disarm & destroy missiles
b. Gather intel
c. Get help from scientist
d. Gain entry to manufactory area
e. Find warehouse elevator

Special thanks to:

Wreck: Action block help, text editing, level select images, clean up, console testing, etc. Cheers, man. ;)

CrashOveride: For the KA-57 Gun/Prop.

CHLindin: For the custom music.

To the wonderful people at the N64 Vault Discord - much love, guys. <3

Thanks for playing, as always!



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