Ginez Silvo: The Adventure Continues V4.3
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Author: Johnny Thunder

Date: April 23rd, 2017

Category: Solo Levels

Level: All


Name: Ginez Silvo: The Adventure Continues Storyline V4.3
Level: all and all
Author: Johnny Thunder

Function in:

Emulator: to perfection
Not64 (nintendo 64 emulator for wii): works fine
Everdrive 64 / 64drive: works fine!

Sequel to '' K.I.L.L.E.R. Vs Vendetta, now Ginez Silvo is back in a new story, with new characters, new places, new adventures, new enemies, new plot and more !, everything will not be easy and you will be excited about history, and you will discover the origins of Ginez Silvo, and included the Bonus characters from the previous story!

Xdelta patches for both English and Spanish versions were regenerated (August 13th, 2023), using the standard unbyteswapped NTSC ROM as the base. Thanks to 00Action and Wreck for the update.

New levels Solo (marked with an exclamation mark [!]):

Camps !
Town !
Recovery !
Icy !
Launch !
Gulag(in) 1!
Corporate !
Quickman !
Zoness !
Stealth !
Quarters !
Private !
Fierce !
Leakage !
Escape !
Mountain !
Outsite !
Gulag(in) 2!
Paradox !
Nemesis !

New levels multi (marked with an exclamation mark [!]):

Town !
Zoness !
Stealth !
Quarters !
Outsite !
Gulag(in) !
Nemesis !

New weapons (marked with an exclamation mark [!]):

Throwing Knife
Whater PPK!
PPK Silenced!
Skorpion Vz/61!
sUZI (9mm)!
T7X silenced!
Thunder-X 75!
Commando M16 G A!
Rapid-Fire Shotgun!
Sniper Rifle
Colt .44 Anaconda!
Silver Gun!
Silver PPK!
Gold PPK!

Characters (marked with an exclamation mark [!] and Return [!!]):

Ginez Silvo !!
Gail Storm !
Joshua ''Whalter'' Franco !!
Bridgette Bleu !
Colonel Grimm !
Venom Punished !!
Quickman !
Sarge Hawk !!
Franchesca Storm !!(multi only)
President Baron Vauth Kraic !! (multi only)
Joseph Franco !! (multi only)
ExplorerBusters !! (multi only)

And best of all … Multiplayer levels available!

Thanks to:
MultiplayerX by level Dam with Secret Island aseccible

Rey and Ami for some Action Blocks from Warehouse level # 8 (Zonkov's action blocks)

SilverEye by some '' Action Blocks '' by '' Alfredo Lamberra Storyline ''

Dragonsbrethren by some '' Action Blocks '' by '' Aztec Complex ''

Wreck by the new textures of Natalya (Russia), silver texture of the Golden Gun, and by suggestions and corrections and Connery as Bond for some suggestions too

'' Christian Megaman '' for the suggestion of adding a Megaman character to this mod

Eternally Aries by the Cradle Antenna, similar to that of the movie
Zoinkity for Jungle with Ladder

Special Thanks to:
SubDrag for creating the GoldenEye Setup Editor

Sincerely Johnny Thunder


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