GE007 Compilation Pack v1.1
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Author: Various (Compiled by Wreck)

Date: August 23rd, 2021

Category: GE Campaigns

Expansion Pak: Yes

Over the years, we've seen many great custom missions be released by various authors. The problem is, you have to load in a new ROM each time you want to change a level. What if we could have a handful of these all in one nice and neat compilation pack? That's what this mod was created for. Twelve missions and nine multiplayer maps, carefully edited and put together for a seamless experience. There are some fun easter eggs to find, a bonus objective on 007 difficulty called "Cheese Tracker!" (where you must find and destroy three pieces of cheese wedges), and a bunch of exciting cheat options (which are unlocked once the final mission has been completed on any standard difficulty). You're able to toggle the anti-aliasing inside the watch menu, as well as whether or not you hear footstep sound effects when you walk. The Sight-On-Screen option was replaced to accommodate the steps, but you can still enable/disable the crosshair by holding both L+R shoulder buttons for a brief moment during gameplay. As of version 1.1, there are now dedicated controller buttons with useful functions. D-Up will display your current health/armour status. If you hold it down, it will stay until you release the button. D-Down toggles between standing and kneeling. You can no longer use the shoulder button and C-Down, as it conflicted with this method. D-Left allows you to instantly equip any of the mission vital gadgets you may have in your inventory. If you don't have it right away, but can collect it during the level, it will become accessible at that point. Finally, D-Right lets you quickly equip certain explosives you might have. It starts with the grenade, and then moves onto each mine. That about wraps it up. Enjoy these fantastic levels that our very creative GE modding community have crafted!

If you have any difficulty either getting the game to load / save correctly, or the watch settings keep resetting, please refer to note 1 at the bottom of the page.

Version 1.1
Date: October 5th, 2021

Island, by TimEh
Library, by BMW
Storage Facility, by GERage
Cliff Base, by GERage
Aztec Complex, by Wreck
Escape, by Pheonarx
Fallout, by Pheonarx
Grid, by Dragonsbrethren
Soviet Base, by Corfix & 00action
Garden, by Entropy Soldier
Arctic Mine, by Zka
Descent, by Zka
?, by …

Blockfort, by Cyberen
Padded Room, by BMW
Labyrinth, by Zoinkity
Paradox, by TimEh
Chernobyl, by Sixty Four & Wreck
Citadel, by Zoinkity
Storage Facility, by GERage & Wreck
Grid, by SubDrag
Soviet Base, by Corfix and 00action & Wreck

New Cheats
Bond Phase (walk through props)
Line Mode (pen and ink)
Expect to Die (one hit death)
No Body Armor (removes all armours)
Tiny Characters (makes everyone small)
Play as Oddjob (mission character change)
Suit Selector (hold L+D-Pad direction at start = 8 suits)
Sniper / Rocket (Japanese GE cheat)
Toy Tank (small tank in missions)
Invisible [Multi] (fixed multiplayer invisibility)
Debug Display (shows position data)
2x Unarmed (allows two slappers/rifle butts)

New Weapons
KF7 Melee
KF7 w/ Wooden Butt Stock
Drone Gun

New MP Characters
Bond (Tuxedo) [Dalton]
Bond (Tuxedo) [Moore]
Bond (Tuxedo) [Lazenby]
Bond (Tuxedo) [Connery]
Bond (Formal)
Bond (Stealth)
Bond (Arctic)
Bond (Jungle)
Natalya (Cuba)
Trevelyan (006)

Edited & Compiled by Wreck

Special Thanks

Other Contributions

Note 1: The ROM name and product ID codes have been changed. This means that you will be using new save files that are unique from the original GoldenEye. However, this also means that it may not be recognized as a GoldenEye game by different emulators or flash drives. You might need to set up the game settings, and be sure it uses EEPROM 4K save type. If you can't set which save type the ROM uses within the flash drive menu, you may have to edit a file stored on your SD card for it (possibly "save.db" or similar). Keep this in mind, should things like volume and control settings not be retained when switching levels or after death.

ID Code: NG7E

Note 2: If you're playing with the GE/PD 1964 emulator, you will not immediately have the hi-res textures that it offers GoldenEye through Glide. You'll need to go into the folders, and find the "GOLDENEYE_HIRESTEXTURES.dat" file. Simply make a copy of it, and name it as "GOLDENEYE COMP PACK_HIRESTEXTURES.dat" for the new ROM name. This also goes for the "" file. Copy it, and name that one "GOLDENEYE COMP", as well.


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