This site is meant to be a place for patches and more, it was made with intentions to be used by a team.
We do not support rom downloading or providing links for roms here so please do not even share links that lead to roms.
The name N64 Vault was chosen from favor by a few members and the fact that it could expand if needed.
It was made to currently make up for the lack of place for all the GoldenEye Vault Setup Editor patches and hacks.
Subdrag, Wreck, and Zoinkity and the GoldenEye vault created the editor.
I would say this is a tribute to the GoldenEye Vault, the Setup editor, and what everyone has done using it.

We will be updating, adding more details, and organizing all sections even more. There's plans for the future growth.

The current supported games include

Diddy Kong Racing
Mickey's Speedway USA
Super Smash Bros 64
Perfect Dark
Jet Force Gemini
Pokemon Snap

N64 General
Bomberman 64
Yoshi's Story

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